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zombie walk   
09:39pm 21/10/2006

be there or get yer brains eaten!

all participants who go out of character will be swarmed by the zombies around them! kekeke.

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kewl prom show   
06:55pm 12/06/2006
captain foxy show: edit:

our show is being held by ladyfest on 7/21 is a semi-formal show!
dont forget to wear your prom dresses and tiaras.
we will be playing all of our slow-dancing songs.
i donno who else is playing.

i might go as carey! ouuuuuuu
playing the drums in a bloody gown might be hard though.
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private investigator   
06:21pm 11/06/2006

new job?
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10:44am 15/05/2006
  taking a good portrait of your kitty when she discovers the cord on your camera is hard.

rekha and chris? when is our next practise...
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07:16pm 13/05/2006
mood: sore

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sorry if gloomy bear offends you.

i have time off!!!!!!!! aka i have like, 4/5 days off a week!!! this cant last too long but it is amazing for the time being. i have been going to the gym everyday, i love it! i always feel great when i push myself to exhaustion via treadmills and various machines. i love using machines that are specific to a certain area of your body. today i worked on my love handles, my shoulders and my gargantuan thighs!

anwyays, things are good. im gonna open my trader vics cocktail book and try and make some Zombis, or Banaquiris, when i have the cashola for fancy alcohol! i think the alcoholic smoothie drinks taste better with no alcohol, but whateva. speaking of smoothies, i have been making amazing ones:
-a bunch of strawberry yogurt
-a lot of bananas
-some fruit punch juice
-a bit of apple
-a ton of ice
-a tiny bit of vanilla icecream :(
more dessert than health, oh well.

i wanna have a get-together at my parents cottage, since they have offered. no one who trashes other peoples houses is invited. i will make smoothies / cocktails, we can go swimming, have campfires, bbq and go canoeing! or paddleboarding. or you can work on my moms landscaping.

six feet under is a great show!

now i am off to pauls extravaganza at montgomery hall!
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01:41pm 08/05/2006
  wow, i guess ia m jumping on the bandwagon!

my bike was stolen :)
too bad it was a REALLY good bike, and locked up REALLY well.

fuck you, world!

i swear to god, i will fucking gut anyone who has my bike.
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02:15am 05/05/2006
  so, my sista is back from univ. she lived in TO and never ate food on campus, so she used up her mealcard by buying me 50 oh henry bars. wtf! thanx, but uh, i am trying to be healthy :(
anyone want some chocolate?

my kitty is awesome. she HATES HER LEASh though!!!!!!!!!!!!! waste of $. i thought it would be hilarious and awesome to take her outside with it, but she basically just freaked out and tried to hide and get out of the leash. too bad!!!

big news: my dad bought me a facial cos i finished first year univ! this so so unlike anything my family would ever do. i have had one facial in my life when i was 14 and i LOVED it. i loved that they squeeze out blackheads from your face!
this "facial" includes shoulder and arm massages, and "pressure point" something or other. amaaazing!
it is at AVEDA which is a hair place, so they will probably throw up and yell at me when they see my hair. i love my hair so they can shut up! pharmacy dye 4 life. anyways, i would never think to spend $ on something like a facial but frig i am excited!!!!!!!!!! whjdshdj

i have been doing a lot of painting lately. i bought my BF a canvas and he is reproducing this dude:

also, i only work one day a week at wallacks now because it is such a small environment, filled with 2 mega highstrung bitches who are on my case or are "micro-managing" as morgan says. work gossip sucks! morgan and juanita, 2 chillers from my werk are the best though. lois and frimas has been overrun with rancid bitches now (aka one, who is there all the time. peace out free icecream :( ) so i still work there, but i told them not to put me on the schedule hahaha. OK SO I NEED A NEW JOB! meowww
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i love gloomy <3   
02:42am 03/05/2006

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05:42pm 29/04/2006
  hey dudes
the weather is gorgeous, too bad i work all weekend. not for long! finally my seniority is paying off (barely).
i got more $, so i bought my cat a harness and a leash! i cant wait to take her for "walks". even though walking cats doesnt work, i still want her to be able to chill outside. i also want to attach badass studs to her harness.
tonite is will and brandys bday party but also my BFs "2 fans" show and his bday frunds partay. i better get my booze now huh. party nite!
here are some pix of cats on leashes:

also when is the next critical mass, i want to go!
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02:08pm 25/04/2006
  need advice from people with websites.

where is a good place to buy your domain from? what is cheap? what programs do i need?

i have no idea! i want to start www.alliehanlon.com

please give me info!!! :)
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YAY 4 months off   
09:24pm 24/04/2006
  hockey party at my house!!! kewl.
at least i am DONE SCHOOL!
i cut the cable because i cant afford it, so thats 2 less things to worry about (hockey parties when i need to wake up at 6 the next morning and unnecessary $$$ being spent on SHITTY tv.)

once again i am done school!!!!
looking for a new job, donno where to apply. other than that, i have oodles of time to do what i adore (this has never happened???? i am confused)
-paint and other artistic endeavours
-watch movies / TV dvds
-go to aerobics classes w/ my sist0r
-keep my room clean. maybe paint it!
-go to jessamys party tomorrow!

i have gone to montreal the past 2 weekends. fun! i love travelling when i dont have to pay any $ for transpo, or have to drive, etc.
my bf is the best also. he drove me to the depths of bells corners in the rain last night to get notes for my exam and waited an hour while i photocopied them, and drove me to my exam today right after he was done work. so nice!

i will now give myself a pedicure and wait till my male companion arrives with 6 feet under (best show ever) to watch all night! AND sleep in tomorrow. how luxurious.
12:22pm 20/04/2006

so excited to be in shape and less of an ogre. maybe even have more energy and not be tired all the time!

they have 3 different kind of classes offered.

Low impact aerobic exercise, such as aerobic dance, is a good way to improve your fitness level and avoid strenuous exercise when just starting a fitness program. Low-impact aerobics are especially good for people who are older, overweight, or pregnant. It is also a good choice for fit people who are recovering from an injury.

that is the one im thinking about starting out with!

me ^
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i hate writing dramatic livejournal entries.   
02:36pm 16/04/2006
mood: tired

blocking out shitty ppl from my life is no longer working. things getting taken from my room, people walking into my room and yelling when im trying to sleep, people using my computer when im not there, finding my bathroom towel soaking wet and covered in dirt on bank st infront of my apartment...

i guess im a "crazy bitch" who "gets upset about the stupidest shit" for saying something about it. thats too bad!
thanks emma :)

yes, i am about ready to tear my own / other peoples faces off

even though i am done school and only have 2 exams left i am still mega stressed out. my patience for anything is non-existent. my boss at work is pissed at me for taking time off (a day) and being like 4 minutes late for all my shifts, my other boss at the icecream shack is demanding i need to learn to be less of a pushover, i am nervous about school and i am constantly tired and pissy at everyone. exhaustion has given me worse "restless leg syndrome" than normal so that i cannot sit still and my eye twitch is still as present as ever. guffaw! picture that.

there are a few things that i am excited for which is keeping me from being totally frazzeled.
one being that ultra laid-back cool gurl pascale is back from her exotic travels, i am getting wicked headbands in the mail very soon, my cat is hilarious, my TAX return will be colossal (500$ is a lot for me :( ) and i am going to new orleans in the near future to party and be a tourist for REALLY cheap.
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09:08am 15/04/2006
  is pascale home or what?????????? ! !  
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09:52pm 08/04/2006
  ok yes as some of you (maybe 1 or2) of you may have thought i am dating the guy who was my forbidden crush cos i was dating someone else.
everything is different now!
i am excited for him to return from tour, beerwolf to visit ottawa, minitour +cruising in lindors hot van and friggin pascale gagon apron to get back from india !!!!!!

i have started a band for fun with some gurlies from my work, we are doing a series of awesome covers picked by yours truly. we have one guitarist, a bassist, a keyboardist/guitarist, and moi on drums. i am the only one who doesnt sing. we will have shows later when we have practised more ! this is something i am excited for. all of these girls are a)cool b)able to shotgun beers c) not gimpy so they wont have trouble learning songs! also painters. i think we are selling paintings 2gether.

here are some funny / semi-funny pix i found on my harddrive:

my #1 male (the blur, not the swedish hottie in the bg)

i love those ^

drinkign 40z in the alley at some show in the fall

outside jessamys with a record i got 4 my birthday

fuck off nazi punx please ^_^

ok back to video project
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08:36pm 07/04/2006
mood: giggly
the guy who lives below us is such a fucking loser.
first of all he runs THIS (http://www.vitalhealthsystems.com) business from our apartment building. is that even legal?

he has bitched to my roommate about leaving garbage bags on our fire escape, which is above his patio, aka where his customers come in. first of all, we dont care if your customers think its unattractive. its Our fire escape and we dont want huge bags in our kitchen all week.

i received this cute little note on my door after coming home today, obviously written by him:

To Tenants of Unit #2,

Can you please not keep your garbage out on the fire escape outside your kitchen window. Garbage day is on Tuesday early morning, so take your garbage out on Monday evenings for the pick-up. Its not attractive and is smelling up the area for other tenants (<---complete bullshit)
Thank you!

Gor-Fay Realty Co.

AKA David lee ^

first of all, did they need to remind me what day garbage day was? good thing they told me! now i can get rid of the 8 months worth of garbage i have piled up in my apartment.
second of all "Maintenance: Gor-Fay Realty" sounds professional! yet mysterious, who is actually sending this to me? fucking assholes. i should just sent this directly to his the e-mail account on his website.

here is my response, which i dont know where to send yet:

To “Gor-Fay Realty Maintenace”

The mysterious note on my door did not give me anyone to reply to, so I will assume that I should respond to Gor-Fay themselves. (<-- also bullshit)

I am sorry that you are experiencing problems with our garbage on the fire escape. Sometimes we do not want to keep garbage in our apartment until Tuesday morning. We did not put anything that would create odour in any of the bags we kept on our fire escape. They were filled with bottles, cardboard, Styrofoam, plastic, etc. There is at least a 10 foot distance between the patio below and our fire escape, so I doubt that the smell that whoever complained about was actually from the garbage bag(s) we had on our fire escape. We keep our kitchen windows open at all times, and are often in the kitchen, and we have never had any foul smell whatsoever come in through the window from the fire escape. As for our fire escape being attractive, the decorations on the patio below are quite distasteful.

Is there a better place during the middle of the week to keep garbage than a) in our apartment or b) on our fire escape?
Let me know!

Allie Hanlon

this means war! i have too much time on my hands.
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spring rules, summer is even better.   
01:25pm 06/04/2006
mood: sleepy
just went to big buds to pick up some toilet paper,
and i was mistaken for an employee there not once but TWICE. great! and the first guy was like HYYYUCK I DID THAT TO HURR TEWWWWW *chuckle* to the second woman.
guh. that is why i stay inside my apartment all the time.

my cat is going INSANE, sprinting around the apt screaming. she is totally the most stupid fucking cat ever. at least she is cute and affectionate sometimes.

anyways after i finish 3 major assignments, i will be home free! (minus exams but whatever 2 them)
here are some images of what i hope to happen this summer:
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my doll   
10:55pm 03/04/2006
  elouai&apos;s doll maker 3
my kitty is included!

mike: "can you make the legs thicker?"


one of my favourite youtubes (so far)

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11:38pm 26/03/2006
  1. next thing to save up for: trip to new orleans, the pelican state.

2. funny youtube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=PQQxhmJw2Gk&search=playground%20love
obsesser of chron / virgin suicides....

3. check out scarlett johansson in this pic, hot huh

4. work is so fucking annoying sometimes, mainly when you are irritable and working with people are mega gimpy at everything. there are actually people who "can't do anything right". and no, i dont feel sorry for them when i have to work with them.
it is also annoying when its a nice day and every idiot in ottawa is sauntering around outside and decides to come in and ask you STUPID questions about art. fuck off!!!!!!!!!
ok anyways. i think my new birth control is making me hungry and moody. i love it!

5. i have a new found obsession with the ali g show. amazing!!!!!!
fuck the world i will deny you   
12:41am 23/03/2006
  1. does anyone know of any feminine women with awesome style that play the guitar and dont suck? maybe sing too...

2. the icecream shack will be saturated with chillers this summer, if everyone who i think is gonna work there is actually going to. i dont think i will be working many shifts at all but but but but.
PS: important question: has minimum wage gone up to 8$? that would RULE!

3. im getting a genius to do my taxes for me.. i will have lots of bling shortly. sweet!

4. a friend who is mega into partying and has been in LA for the past.. year.. is coming back to ottawa soon. huge party at my house.

5. this summer is 6/6/06 another HUGE FUCKING DEMON BONFIRE PARTY!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE!

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